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“Oh, yes.”

I am glad we agree on that one, my darling god of mischief. Come on, then.

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Yet one more reason we should ALL be at SDCC … in order to witness epicness such as THIS.


Pics from the Firefly reunion panel at Comic-Con

"I can tell you that Season 3 is going to blow the pants off of everyone. What we did last season is not even comparable to what we’re doing this season. We are going to set records that people have never even thought of before. I say that with all honesty. Andy [Andrew Lincoln, who plays lead character Rick Grimes] and I were in our trailer the other day, reading the scripts, jumping up and down, going, ‘No way, I can’t believe we’re going there.’ It’s crazy. It’s insane. I can’t tell you enough. You’re going to freak out."

— Norman Reedus (via chandra75) Regarding the Walking Dead Season 3. 

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And i checked under the bed EVERY night trying to find him…..

And i checked under the bed EVERY night trying to find him…..

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I went to cinema today (06.30.12) and is the last week of Avengers (Sniff!), and I got many posters of the cast (13!), many repeated, so I’m not going to need it. They are BEAUTIFUL. Specially the Loki’s poster. They are quite resilient.

The giveaway includes:

1 & 2: LOKI POSTER: A4 (29,7 X 21,0 cm)

The size of the third poster was not specified on the packaging, but he covered the floor of my room! 

4: AVENGERS POSTER: A4 (29,7 X 21,0 cm)

Value: U$ 0 

  • RULES!

You must be following me. And I’ll check everyday. 

The giveaway is to celebrate my followers, then no makes sense if you don’t follow me. I’ll pay for everything, so I think it’s fair.

LIKES DO NOT COUNT. (You can only ‘Like’ to save the post) 

If in case a “Like” number comes up, I will randomly select another number.

  • The giveaway ends on 10, August. IT’S WORLDWIDE
  • I will use FedEx and may take 20 days to arrive.
  • You can reblog this maximum 3 times a day. (I’ll check) I suggest doing this throughout the day to not annoy your followers.
  • The giveaway will be conducted by True Random Number.
  • Be sure that your ASK page it’s working.
  • If you don’t answer me in TWO DAYS, I will choose another winner.
  • More giveaways.

Good luck! :)

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The Doctor is jealous

“That cat’s ginger. I never get to be ginger.”

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